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Kickboxing Media Winning The Battle!

Updated: May 7

Beyond The Batte Productions are a kickboxing media company who specialise in the filming, interviewing and marketing of the kickboxing world. They were the first company to effectively implement high quality coverage for the sport and are now reaping the rewards.

Most businesses take years until they achieve any form of status and notoriety. That's not the case for the kickboxing media company Beyond the Battle Productions. Three months after their first appearance, BTB's fan base grew massively on both Instagram and Facebook. Their big break came in November 2019, when they attended the WAKO World Kickboxing Championships. They interviewed every fighter who won their fight and then, at the end of each day, they released the interviews on their social media platforms for the world to see.

(The below link will take you to the first day at the championships and all the interviews which took place.)

BTB is run by Emily Aston and Tony Anderton, both already big names in the kickboxing world. Tony said that "The feedback we've had from everyone was amazing and it spurred us to work harder and try and cover more competitions!"

I saw Emily and Tony in Croatia at the Karlovac Cup and sure enough there they were, working tirelessly to bring their viewers top quality content! I asked Emily: How do you manage to video in the day and upload the videos by the next day? Assuming that perhaps they had someone working on the editing for them at home. She said "When we finish filming we go straight back to the hotel and start editing, often we work into the night and finish at 3am and upload straight away so that everyone can watch in the morning. Then we're up at 9am to get ready for another day of filming." It was a very big honour for myself being showcased in one of their videos as shown below.

The coverage of BTB was enough to get the attention of the WAKO World President, Roy Baker, who offered BTB a contract to be the only videography company to cover every kickboxing event run by the World Association of Kickboxing Organisations for the 2020 season. Emily told me that was not all, stating "Roy also offered us the opportunity to interview him - something which he has never done before."

"That interview gave us so much credibility within the sport, the next day we had about 40 emails from kickboxing competition promoters around the world asking us to cover their events. One from Bob Leiker, the promoter of the US Open, which takes place every June, in Orlando, Florida. The email from Bob was such big news for us as the Americans are the biggest consumers and engage the most with what we're doing, but because we're British it's hard to get these contacts. We had our flights payed for, our accommodation paid for, and we were getting payed to cover the biggest kickboxing event in the States!"

Then COVID-19 hit.

There were a total of 6 kickboxing competitions run this year until the Coronavirus became a vast problem for mass gatherings. There have been over 24 events cancelled due to the pandemic with many pending. Kickboxers and school owners alike are very anxious as the sudden stop to the sport has not only hindered growth in athlete development, but school owners now are suffering big losses in terms of income and loss of students. BTB get paid per competition and therefore their income has stopped as a result. Emily said "It's hard, it's really hard because both my forms of income are generated from the kickboxing competition scene and take away the fact we're a business, we still need to pay our bills."

Over the time I have known Emily we have become very close aquantainces, I may even say friends, and it's horrible to see her going through this, despite my own businesses also hitting on hard times, they are still generating some slight income for now. However her income has stopped completely. I spoke to Emily and went on to give her the following business advice:

I asked: Kickboxing schools are losing students on the daily and as a result they are losing money...So what's the one thing kickboxing schools really need to get right when this lockdown is over?

Emily: I don't know? They need to get those students back...

Dan: Yes... and/or they need to get new students in.. so their marketing has to be on point! What's the best way to let people know about your Martial Arts School and what you do?... through video! You had done a video promotion for my club before you guys got big, then once you got big you had to stop filming schools because you guys had no time! All you have to do for now is start booking people in and taking a deposit so that when this is all over you can go to their schools and create them a "KICK..HEAD" promo video to help them get more students!

I received an email from Emily 4 days later saying: "We have 6 schools booked in, with deposits already paid!"

Sometimes we all have to think outside of the box. Every business in every sector has been affected by this crisis and this media company could have been on the brink of collapse. After the amount of handwork they have put in, I did not want to see them go! I'm happy to say that, fingers crossed, it won't be.

Beyond the Battle Productions... will win this battle!


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